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Launching of the Innovation Fund in Zanzibar

oleh Maria Luz Siva, 28 Juni 2017, 12:47 PM

As June comes to a close, Eqwip Hubs Zanzibar marks the closing of applications for our first round of our Innovation Fund. Launching at the beginning of May, eager youth had been awaiting for the roll out of this fund, which awards successful applicants with grants to assist their business plans or start ups.

Over 50 aspiring young entrepreneurs took part in an intensive week-long application workshop that allowed them to pitch their business ideas, structure their business plans and expose themselves to the wonderful world of financial planning. It was an exhaustive week, but a productive and successful one as 21 applications from individuals and groups were submitted.

Kudos to our youth for their patience and completing a challenging week of immersion into the world of entrepreneurship. Special thanks goes to our amazing partners from the Vocational Training Authority (VTA), who led with the facilitation of our Business and Financial Planning workshops, and local Environmental Sustainability Officer, Mirco Hemmi, who assisted greatly with Financial Planning. Great work, Team Zanzibar, and good luck to our applicants. Looking forward to posting about the recipients of the Innovation Fund, and how they plan on making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

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Maria Luz Siva is from Toronto, Canada. She holds an MA in Development Studies from York University and has worked in Development for over 5 years primarily as a Researcher and Facilitator focusing on Youth, Culture and Education. She is also an ESL Teacher, specializing in Business English.